Revenge Porn

Revenge Porn is when a person threatens to or publishes / shares sexual / intimate photos or videos of a person (without their consent) on social media, websites, via email, texts, whatsapp etc. It is important to seek help as perpetrators rely on victims not telling anyone including the police, so they can continue using threats to control and instil fear into their victims.  In some communities where the culture of shame and honour is prevalent, perpetrators can also put their victims at risk of honour-based abuse by sharing images.  It is also important to tell police about any such risks.

You can also take action to get any images removed that appear online by contacting social media companies, websites directly that have displayed the content and Google.  You can contact the Muslim Women's Network Helpline to support you and the following specialist helpline which can do it on your behalf:

Revenge Porn Helpline
0345 6000 459


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