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Issues Tech Abuse  

Tech Abuse

This is when technology is used to coerce, control, monitor, stalk or harass another person.


1) Recording - Planting audio or visual devices to monitor and record conversations and activities

2) GPS tracking devices - Using location trackers on the victim’s phone to know their location e.g. using ‘find my phone’ or planting a small GPS-enabled device in a person’s belongings or a car.  

3) Smart appliances - Spying through smart TVs, security systems or remotely controlling smart appliances around the home, including entertainment systems and household appliances. The abuser may switch them on and off to confuse and frighten the victim and even cause financial damage e.g. turn off electricity so the refrigerator goes off or turning up heating etc. 

4) Children’s toys - Giving children ‘smart’ toys and games such as such Xbox, Playstation, teddy bears etc., and using the technology to spy on the victim.

5) Virtual Assistants - Accessing recordings from virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant including downloading transcriptions.

6) Calls, Texts & Emails - This can range from constantly calling, texting and sending messages to installing software on the victim’s phone that allows monitoring of phone calls and messages.

7) Hacking Emails and Apps - Hacking into emails or using the victim’s passwords to access emails, mobile apps they have signed up to and computers and Ipads.

8) Social Media - Posting information about the victim on social media to shame them and / or to incite others to troll or harass them.  


Turn off location sharing - on any apps your use
Recordings from virtual assistants - As virtual assistants keep a record of sounds, these devices could be useful to provide evidence of verbal or physical abuse. Try and access the recording by logging into the device account.  This should be done before the abuser deletes the history. 
Turning off microphones - Check privacy settings on virtual assistants to prevent recordings or turn off the microphone when having sensitive conversations
Social media accounts - Increase privacy through your settings 
Do not delete emails  - this may contain important information such as the sender’s IP address that can help to identify them
Change passwords - of emails, social media and any devices such as ‘smart’ home security systems etc.
Device Privacy Settings - Check settings of any technology given as a gift or where abuser had access to it e.g. mobile phones, ipads, laptops, children’s toys / games, home appliances etc.
Log incidents - Record dates and times and save messages including taking screen shots, as this can help to establish a pattern of abuse.

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