Who Do We Help?

Although our reach is primarily Muslim women and girls (91% of callers), the helpline will accept calls from and support women of others faiths or no faith (4% of callers). For example, the culturally sensitive nature of the helpline could easily support Asian women of other faiths. Men who are concerned about women and girls should also call the helpline.  The helpline also supports men and boys in need of support (5% of callers).

Our service users are from diverse locations and ethnic backgrounds.  A detailed analysis of demographic data can be found on our Helpline dashboard, which may be useful for academics and policy makers.

Those calling the helpline are likely to fall into three categories depending on the type of help required:

1) Need Immediate intervention- Callers who are in a crisis situation and need immediate help.

2) Need the right information- Callers wanting information about safety, their rights and / or help or support available so they can make informed decisions and plan next steps.

3) Need support to navigate problems- Callers who want advice about a problem and want someone to talk to so they feel more confident and empowered to make decisions and receive emotional support while they navigate their situations.

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