Impact of Helpline

The helplines will make a difference to the lives of women and girls in the following ways:
  • Increase reporting of abuse to police
  • Increased numbers getting the help they need and making informed decisions about their lives
  • Better informed and empowered with the right information to better protect themselves
  • Being better prepared if problems escalate
  • Being moved to safety
  • Reduced isolation
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing
  • Support with advocating on their behalf to frontline professional and agencies 
  • Better linkages being made across multiple and complex issues resulting in better quality of help and holistic support
  • Access to additional services including hardship funds and counselling
  • Reduced burden on other agencies due to targeted referrals
  • Identification of information, advice and support gaps.
  • Improved understanding about the issues encountered by Muslim women and girls and how these affect their lives to influence policy and practice

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